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Nomination Packet

Volunteers Are Our Greatest Asset

Thank you for your interest in serving on Heartland Credit Union’s Board of Directors. A Directorship affords you a unique way to serve your credit union and it’s members. As a volunteer Director, you will be a vital part of major decision-making processes and will derive a great deal of satisfaction observing the results of your efforts.

Below is a board job description and commitment to serve; along with a request for more information about you and your qualifications.

The Nominating Committee will review your information and follow-up with you.

Completed forms must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 31, in order to be considered by the Nominating Committee.

Any questions concerning the nomination process may be addressed to Lisa Farnsworth at 608.268.7354, or by email to


If I am elected to serve on Heartland Credit Union’s Board of Directors, I fully commit to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as follows:

  1. Global Representation: I commit to represent the broad interests of the organization’s members rather than a narrow personal or professional perspective or special interest. I understand that I am expected to know, support and follow the purpose, goals and policies of the organization at all times.
  2. Board Development: I commit to participate in ongoing board development customarily consisting of information presented and discussed at monthly board meetings, readings and study over the course of the year, and participate in an annual strategic planning session (approximately two days). I commit to stay literate regarding the trends in the credit union movement and the performance expectations of boards of directors. I further commit to continued learning and understanding of the policies, programs, operations, finances and challenges and opportunities. I will participate in new board member orientation and complete the required governance continuing education required.
  3. Due Diligence: I will attend a minimum of 10 monthly board meetings; allowing 2 meetings for excused absences or participation via teleconference. I will commit to attending the Annual Meeting. I will familiarize myself with the agenda and background materials sent in advance and participate actively in the conduct of the meeting. My meeting participation should demonstrate respect for diversity of opinion, full disclosure of related information, and adherence to rules of decision making as determined by the credit union bylaws. I further commit to performing the duties of board membership responsibly and ethically, and to respect the confidentiality of issues of a sensitive nature brought before the board. I understand I am not to represent the board’s positions to outside bodies without prior approval. I understand I am expected to support the decisions of the Board of Directors and provide dissent and questioning in private.
  4. Fiduciary Responsibility: I understand I am expected to be literate in organizational finance and capable of tracking and evaluating financial performance through regular reports from management. I understand the fiduciary responsibilities of a board member. I understand I must disclose any potential conflicts to the board and refrain from voting on any issues related to the conflicts. I understand Heartland Credit Union may conduct a background check to assure I am bondable.
  5. Committee, Task Force, and Organizational Representations: I understand I will be expected to serve on committees and, or, task forces. I recognize Board members may also be called upon to represent the organization for special projects, negotiation, and planning or communication purposes.
  6. Officers: I understand elected board officers may face additional time commitments to those listed above.

  • Statement of Willingness to Serve
    I hereby agree to be nominated for Heartland Credit Union’s Board of Directors. I am able and willing to serve, if elected. I understand that my account will be reviewed to ascertain that I am a member in good standing of Heartland Credit Union. I have not been prohibited by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) or any other financial institution regulator from working in any area of the financial industry. I certify that I have not been convicted or charged of any criminal offense, including dishonesty or a breach of fiduciary duty. I authorize you to obtain credit reports, criminal reports, and bondability checks in connection with this application or at such time as you may require.

  • 1. Why are you interested in serving on the Heartland Credit Union Board?
  • 2. What type of personal skills will you bring to the Board?
  • 3. Are you currently or have you previously served on the Board of another organization?
  • 4. Summarize your career: (If you include a resume, please skip.)
  • Upload Your Resume
  • Please upload a PDF or Word document.
  • 5. Describe how your educational background, professional, civic and other experiences would contribute to your effectiveness as a Director:
  • 6. Complete this statement – If I am elected to the Board of Directors of Heartland Credit Union, I will contribute by:
  • 7. Complete this statement – I am uniquely qualified to serve as a Director because:

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