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Dividend Checking

 Minimum to Earn DividendsRateAPY
Dividend Checking$1,5000.15%0.15%

Platinum Money Manager

 Minimum to Earn DividendsRateAPY
Platinum Money Manager$0.00 to $24,9990.06%0.06%
Platinum Money Manager$25,000 - $49,9990.08%0.08%
Platinum Money Manager$50,000 - $99,9990.10%0.10%
Platinum Money Manager$100,000 - $199,9990.12%0.12%
Platinum Money Manager$200,000 - $499,9990.15%0.15%
Platinum Money Manager$500,000 and more0.18%0.18%

Heartland Money Market

 Minimum to Earn DividendsRateAPY
Heartland Money Market$0.00 to $49,9990.00%0.00%
Heartland Money Market$50,000 - $99,9990.12%0.12%
Heartland Money Market$100,000 - $149,9990.15%0.15%
Heartland Money Market$150,000 - $199,9990.20%0.20%
Heartland Money Market$200,000 and more0.22%0.22%

Certificates: Regular / IRA / Education

TermMinimum to OpenRateAPY
3 Month$5000.08%0.08%
6 Month$5000.10%0.10%
12 Month$5000.15%0.15%
12 Month Add-On$2500.10%0.10%
18 Month$5000.20%0.20%
24 Month$5000.25%0.25%
30 Month$5000.28%0.28%
36 Month$5000.30%0.30%
48 Month$5000.40%0.40%
60 Month$5000.45%0.45%

Other Savings Programs

 Minimum to Earn DividendsRateAPY
Membership Savings$1000.03%0.03%
Special Purpose Savings$2000.03%0.03%
Saver's Sweepstakes Savings$250.05%0.05%
IRA/Education Savings$1000.08%0.08%
Business Checking$10,0000.03%0.03%

Health Savings Account

 Minimum to Earn DividendsRateAPY
Health Savings Account$250 - $2,4990.05%0.05%
Health Savings Account$2,500 - $4,9990.07%0.07%
Health Savings Account$5,000 - $14,9990.12%0.12%
Health Savings Account$15,000 +0.15%0.15%

Vehicle Loans

Rates as of June 21, 2022 and are subject to change without notice.
New Car, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, and Motor Homes (2021 and newer)APR as low as*
Up To 36 months1.99%
37 - 60 months2.99%
61 - 72 months (Min. $20,000)3.49%
73 to 84 months or greater (Min. $30,000)4.49%
Used Car, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, and Motor Homes (2013 to 2020)APR as low as*
Up To 36 months2.74%
37 - 60 months3.49%
61 - 72 months (Min. $20,000)4.74%
73 to 84 months or greater (Min. $30,000)5.74%
Used Car, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, and Motor Homes (2012 and older)APR as low as*
Up to 60 months8.99%
Recreational Vehicles: Snowmobiles • ATVs • Campers (2013 and newer)APR as low as*
Up to 36 months3.99%
37 - 60 months5.24%
61 to 72 months (Min. $20,000)6.24%
73 to 84 months (Min. $30,000)6.74%

Heartland Credit Cards

MasterCard**Annual FeeAPR as low as*
Heartland MasterCard$09.00%

Home Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed4.500%04.558%$760.00
20 Year Fixed4.375%04.495%$939
15 Year Fixed4.00%04.152%$1110
WHEDA First Time Home Buyer4.625%04.714%$771

Home Equity Line-of-Credit HELOC

Interest RateRates as low as 1.49% APR* for the first 12 months
TermRevolving line of credit
Draw Period/Balloon Period5 year draw period; followed by repayment period
FeesLow closing costs**
PaymentInterest only

Second Mortgage Fixed

Interest Rate5 year fixed rate as low as 3.99% APR
TermUp to 10 years
FeesLow closing costs**
PaymentBased on the rate & repayment option



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