NOW - personalized PINs! 

You've asked for it -- personalized PINs for your debit cards!  It's easy, too.  Just call: 1-877-746-6746 and follow the simple directions.  You'll need:

  1. Card number
  2. Primary cardholder SS #
  3. And the phone number you are calling from. NOTE: the system uses caller ID so if you have yours blocked YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS METHOD.  
  4. NOTE: If we do not have an email on file, we will mail a notice to you.  

Once the automated system has all of the above information, key in your selected pin. The pin will not be active immediately.

Activation could take up to three days (if over a weekend or holiday) but usually can be activated within 24 hours.

Once the selected pin is activated, you will receive an email “alert,” telling you we’ve processed your request. It's also for your security -- if you find you didn’t initiate the change, contact our offices immediately.

VISA Debit Card

It looks like a credit card but works like a check. When you carry your Heartland Credit Union Visa Debit Card you can get cash, pay for groceries and other purchases -- even pay monthly bills. The amount is deducted straight from your checking account.

  • Get cash from ATMs
  • Zero liability if it's lost or stolen*
  • Easier to carry than a checkbook
  • Use it anywhere you see the VISA logos
  • Free personalized PINs

*See HCU for complete details.

Apply now!