Switch to Heartland

Once Heartland Credit Union has approved and opened your membership, start switching automatic payments and/or withdrawals to your new accounts with us. We make it easy to switch your checking account to Heartland Credit Union. Use the forms below to help you with moving an existing checking account from another institution to Heartland Credit Union. This includes moving Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments to your new Credit Union account(s).

Change your automatic deposits Use this form to list all of your automatic deposits and automatic withdrawals. You can also use this form to list all the automatic withdrawals from your old debit card. 

Direct Deposit request Use this form to provide information to your employer or anyone directly depositing funds into your account.

Automatic Withdrawal Request Use this form to provide information to anyone automatically withdrawing funds from your account -- like a health club, insurance, etc.

While your switching, consider Heartland's Online BillPayer service as an alternative to Automatic Payments. Online BillPayer is a quick, convenient and less expensive alternative to writing and mailing checks as well as automatic payment drafts. The BillPayer Service keeps you in control of your payments.

If you have any questions, feel free to call any of our associates at 608.282.7000 or 800.362.3944.

Thanks for choosing Heartland Credit Union!