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How Can I Use My Loyalty Points?
Merchandise Description Points
Merchandise LIMITED SUPPLY! Get yours today!
Heartland Go Local T-Shirts*

300 each
150 each
Merchandise Heartland Coffee Mugs*
Limit 2 per member and available by pick-up only.

 600 each
Merchandise Heartland Go Local T-Shirts*
(Sizes S-XXXL)
 1,200 each
Merchandise Heartland Reusable Grocery Bags*
Limit 1 per member
 500 each

Heartland Golf Balls*

Limit 3 sleeves per golf season

 500 each
Merchandise Heartland Blend Coffee from
Cargo Coffee

Limit 1 per month
Available in Madison, DeForest, Verona and Janesville

 2,000 each

Heartland Blend Coffee from
Badger Brothers Coffee

Limit 1 per month
Available in Dodgeville, Platteville and Lancaster

2,000 each
Merchandise Bank Transfer T-shirts

300 each
Merchandise Loyalty Points Checks

Hey ... these are the actual Loyalty Points checks. These
are the only checks you can order with Loyalty Points.
Why? Because the check guy gives us a special price
on these and that's how we can offer them to
you "free" with Loyalty Points.

Limit 1 box every 12 months
(Example: Order May 1, 2014, next
order cannot be before May 1, 2015)

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How Else Can I Use My Loyalty Points?
Waive Fee Description Points
Waive Fee Check Cashing Fee Platinum & Gold
Waive Fee CU Check Temp Checks Platinum & Gold
Waive Fee Money Orders Platinum & Gold
Waive Fee Transaction History Print Out Fee Platinum
Waive Fee Phone Transfer Fee Platinum
Waive Fee Overdraft Transfer from Savings Fee Platinum
 Waive Fee  Cashier Check  Platinum
Waive Fee Personalized PIN for Heartland Debit Card Platinum
Point Ranges
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How do I redeem points?

Call Heartland at 800.362.3944 or, send us a secure message and we'll take care of the rest!