You schedule check-ups with your doctor and car mechanic, why not take a look at whether you’re making progress in your efforts to be financially fit. A Heartland Financial Counselor can meet with you when convenient and help determine where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

What you can expect from your Financial Check-Up:

  • Credit Report Exam
  • Debt Inspection
  • Checking Account Review
  • Savings Study

During the Financial Check-Up, we get to know you and your unique situation before making any recommendations. After your appointment, we'll complete an analysis and then follow up with specific recommendations.

Call, click or stop by any Heartland location for more information or to make an appointment.

Or, if more convenient, fill out the secure form below. Please provide all the information requested and a Heartland Financial Counselor convenient to your location will contact you to set up an appointment.

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Items we'll need during your first visit:

  • Latest Paystub or other related items showing your income
  • Credit card statements
  • Loan statements
  • Checking account statements

Heartland's Financial Counselors and Locations:

Madison - High Crossing
Adrian Ramos
Debbie Lipske
Jason Vater

Madison - West Washington
Charlie Beyler

Madison - Willy Street
Joe Mercurio
Erin Rose

Doug Richard
Corrie Baker

Salena Dinkel
Emily Silvers

LeAnn Jenkins


Rosemary Coppernoll
Jen McCartney

Todd Michek
Sara Weigel

Diane Cortright