The Heartland Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit Special has been extended.  Open a new HELOC and transfer a current HELOC balance at an introductory rate of 1.99% APR for the first 6 months.  Some restrictions apply.

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Rates as of January 20, 2016 and are subject to change without notice.

Vehicle Loans
New Car, Trucks, Motorcycles,  Boats, and Motor Homes (2006 and newer) APR as low as*
Up To 36 months 1.99%
37 - 60 months 2.49%
61 - 83 months 2.99%
84 months or greater (Min. $20,000) 3.99%
Used Car, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, and Motor Homes (2005 and older)
Up to 60 months 7.99%
Recreational Vehicles:  Snowmobiles - ATVs - Campers
up to 36 months 4.99%
37 - 60 months 5.49%
61 to 72 months (Min. $20,000) 5.99%
Home Equity Loans
Second Mortgages: 5-year APR as low as*
up to 80% LTV 3.74%
81 - 90% LTV 4.74%
91 - 100% LTV 6.74%
Second Mortgages: 10-year (15-year rates available)  
up to 80% LTV 4.74%
81-90% LTV 5.49%
91-100% LTV 6.49%
Home Equity Line of Credit Loans**
Up To 80% LTV 3.99%
81 - 90% LTV 4.49%
91 - 100% LTV 6.99%
Personal Loans
Kwik Cash Line of Credit APR as low as*
Revolving ** 15.00%
Personal Loans
Up To 60 mos. * 7.99%
Heartland Credit Cards
MasterCard** Annual Fee APR
Gold--As Low As $0 8.50%
Additional Loans
Home Loans Click here for more information
Business Loans Click here for more information
Agriculture Loans Click here for more information

*All rates are based on credit history and other services you use. Please see an associate for details. Annual percentage rate (APR) can change at any time without notice. Normal lending policies apply.

**Variable rate programs based on prime, currently at 3.50%. See Heartland for more information including different rates & some fees.

***For loans of $30,000 or more, maximum term 180 months, variable rate only. 1) HELOC floor is 4.50%APR. Internal use only. See HCU for full disclosure. Example: A new auto loan at 3.99% apr for 60 months would be $18.41 per $1,000 borrowed includes single disability and joint life payment protection. Normal lending policies apply.

After the six-month introductory period the rate will revert to the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin, or the floor rate of 3.99%, whichever is higher. Your actual rate will be based upon your creditworthiness and loan-to value (LTV). Prime rate as of 12/28/2015 is 3.50%. Maximum LTV is 100%. Property insurance required. Existing Home Equity Lines of Credit are not eligible for the introductory rate. No or low closing costs for new HELOC only. Appraisal fee and title insurance, if required, is an additional charge.

Debt Counseling

Established in 1961, Consumer Credit Counseling Centers, Inc. (CCCC) is a nonprofit agency that provides free counseling and low-cost debt management programs to people experiencing financial difficulties. Contact them at 608.221.2811.