A home equity loan from Heartland is the smart way to borrow.  The interest on your loan be tax-deductible (always check with your tax adviser)

Got a home equity loan somewhere else -- even at (gasp) a bank? Go Local and bring it to Heartland.

Compare Home Equity Options

Home Equity Line-of-Credit HELOC
Interest Rate Variable rate as low as Prime plus 1.74%APR
Term Revolving line of credit
Draw Period/Balloon Period 5 year draw period; followed by repayment period
Fees $25 annual fee; some closing costs apply
Payment $50 minimum payment of $1 per $100 of the principal balance as of the close of the billing cycle
Other Features Can have MasterCard®access
Second Mortgage Fixed
Interest Rate 5 year fixed rate as low as 3.99%APR
Term Up to 20 years amortized for balloon loan
Draw Period/Balloon Period 7 year balloon*, 10 year & 15 year terms also available
Fees Some closing costs apply
Payment Based on the rate & repayment option
Other Features  

 * Home Equity Loans/Second Mortgages: All rates and fees are based on your credit history and your usage of other Heartland Credit Union products and services. Please see an associate for details. Normal lending policies apply. Property insurance required.  Fees that may apply: appraisal or property valuation, title report, flood determination, tax servicing and filing fees. If applicable, closing cost fees range from $63.00 to $500.00. HELOC: The annual percentage rate (APR)is based on the value of an index. The index is the Prime Rate published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal. The APR can change on the first day of the billing cycle. The maximum APR that can apply is 18% and the floor is 4.50%. The variable rate program has a 5-year draw period.