Testimonial Authorization & Release Form
In consideration of my engagement as a spokesperson by and for HEARTLAND CREDIT UNION, a state-chartered credit union, with its principal place of business at 5325 High Crossing Blvd., Madison WI 53718 (hereinafter referred to as "HCU"), and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned,
, hereby irrevocably executes the following Authorization and Release (hereinafter referred to as "Release").
1. Grant. I hereby irrevocably grant to HCU and its employees the right to reproduce, copyright, publish, exhibit, circulate, broadcast and otherwise use photographs, transparencies, motion pictures, video recordings, oral recordings and written and oral statements of me in conjunction with the marketing, advertising, and promotion indicated:
2. Right to Inspect. I waive any right to inspect and/or to approve the finished product or the promotional, marketing or advertising copies or printed matter.
3. Release. I release HCU and its employees from any and all damages, rights, claims, demands, actions or suits whatsoever which I may have now or in the future, arising from or in any way growing out of the use of said photographs, transparencies, motion pictures, video recordings, oral recordings, written and oral statements and/or printed matter.
4. Monetary Rewards. I understand by accepting this prize (if applicable), I am responsible for any and all taxes, fees and costs associated with winning the prize.
I have read this Release, understand its terms and sign it voluntarily and without duress of any kind. I am aware that this
Release will irrevocably bind my heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.
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