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Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated May 20, 2022

Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number in order to sign in to Online Banking?
This is to verify your identity prior to account access.

When will Bill Pay be available?
Bill Pay is now available!

When will my scheduled bill payments go out?
Payments scheduled since Friday, April 29 will go out tonight, Tuesday, May 3.

Why is the MARS line unavailable?
The MARS line is now available!

Why can’t I view my statements online?
You’ll be able to view your eStatements soon! Don’t forget, all members will receive a paper statement for April.

When is the system upgrade taking place?
April 29 starting at 5 p.m. through Tuesday, May 3

When will the branches be closed?
All Heartland branches will be closed Saturday, April 29 – Tuesday, May 3

Why do the systems need upgrading?
Our goal is to provide an enhanced digital banking experience for Heartland members. With this upgrade, you will have access to best-in-class online and mobile banking platforms with enhanced functionality and capabilities to better serve your current and future financial needs.

Will my Online and Mobile Banking login change?
Use your current username and password to login to Online and Mobile Banking, but please note that, for security purposes, you will be asked to change your password upon your first login.

If you have multiple Heartland Credit Union accounts, enter the username associated with your lowest account number. You will be able to access all your accounts from this login.

If you don’t know or remember your username because you have biometrics setup, you can find it using these steps:

  1. Login to the Heartland Credit Union mobile app using biometrics
  2. Click on your profile in the upper righthand corner
  3. Select “Change Username”
  4. The next screen will take you through the steps to change your username. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR USERNAME. Simply make note of what your current username is and close out.

Will I be able to access my accounts during the system upgrade?
All account access will be limited, including Online and Mobile Banking, but you can still write checks, use your debit and credit cards, and use ATMs. Please be aware that, for security reasons, dollar limits will be placed on transactions. 

Will my account number change?
No, continue using your current account numbers as those will not change.

Does this upgrade affect previous Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) members as well?
No, only prior Heartland members will be affected at this time.

Previous DCCU members will upgrade to the new system on October 1.

Can I access my safe deposit box during the system upgrade?
No, all Heartland Credit Union branches will be CLOSED Saturday, April 30 through Tuesday, May 3.

Will I be able to use my debit and credit cards during the system upgrade?
Yes, but please be aware that, for security reasons, some limits will be imposed.

Can I write checks during the system upgrade?

After the upgrade, will I still use my current checks?
Yes, account numbers and the routing number will not change.

Will I need a new debit or credit card?
No, debit and credit card numbers are not changing. You may continue to use your current cards.

Can I still use Online Banking and the mobile app during the system upgrade?
No, these systems will be unavailable during the upgrade.

Can I access eStatements during the system upgrade?
No, eStatements will be unavailable during the upgrade.

I’m a QuickBooks or Quicken user. What do I need to do?
Prior to April 29, download your entire Online Banking transaction history for all of your accounts.

What happens if the upgrade is done earlier than May 3?
If the upgrade is completed earlier than expected, phased introduction of products and services will be made. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates!

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