What we'll need:

  • A Personal Financial Statement that's complete, signed and dated
  • Complete Personal Tax Returns, including federal, for the last three years. This is in addition to the complete business tax returns
  • Current Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance sheet for the last two years (as of 12/31)
  • Income Statement for the last two years (as of 12/31)
  • Accountant's Name and Phone Number
  • Business Insurance Agent and Phone Number
  • Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement (LLC, Corp or Partnership)
  • Business Plan


Print, fill out and fax, mail or drop off at the Heartland nearest you.

Success Story

See how a business loan helped the Yagers become rock stars -- plus, some good questions to consider before borrowing for your business.   


Please contact Dianne Jentz (NMLS #528575), Phillip Christiansen (NMLS #528576) or Lisa Schueler (NMLS #1308618) for more information.

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