Heartland Credit Union is one of the most experienced credit union providers of agricultural loans in the nation. Our specialized financing is tailored to meet your unique needs. Let our team of dedicated lenders work for you.

Real Estate

Allow us to help you improve your operation. Whether it is purchasing new land or refinancing your current property, Heartland Credit Union has competitive rates that will give your operation the advantage.

Farm Personal Property & Livestock

Whether it is for machinery or for market livestock, our loans allow for maximum flexibility allowing you to meet the needs of your operation.

Operating Lines of Credit

Lines of credit allow you to access cash when you need whether it is for your grain or livestock operation.

WHEDA and FSA Loans

Allow our lenders to determine if you are eligible for one of the various state or federal loan programs that exist. Government options include guaranteed loans, interest-assistance, and expansion tailored loans.

Checking and Savings Options

We provide a variety of checking and savings options that will meet the needs of your operation.

Meet our Ag Lenders

Farm Fresh Atlas

Heartland annually helps underwrite the Farm Fresh Atlas, the one place to find locally grown and produced food in Southern Wisconsin.  The 2014 Farm Fresh Atlas is coming soon!